Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Actresses Park Min Young and KARA’s Goo Hara revealed their target-shooting skills on the set ofSBS’s “City Hunter“.
On the upcoming June 9th episode of “City Hunter”, Park Min Young and Goo Hara will show off their shooting skill in an attempt to impress the character played by star actor Lee Min Ho.
On June 2nd, during the filming for the target-shooting scene, which took place at an arboretum in Gyeolgido, Paju, Park Min Young and Goo Hara successfully resembled professional shooters wearing a vest, glasses, and earplugs.
Park Min Young, who is playing the role of a presidential bodyguard, displayed her charisma and sincerity with her great shooting skills. Goo Hara, who is playing the role of the President’s spoiled daughter, displayed a cute expression and pose while attempting the target-shooting.
An official from the production company stated, “The atmosphere was hot during the filming of the target-shooting scene of the ‘Hunter women’. I think the shooting skills of the two ‘City Hunter’ actresses, who possess different charms, will bring much joy to viewers.”

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